It is the basic fact of human nature, that everybody lies...
Взято из переписки на сайте знакомств. Я думаю, что перевести будет не сложно

I wrote to you some months ago I had other user name , but I didnt write to you more because you seems some tall, I am 170-169 cms tall and you are 168 cms , and I asked you if you need a tall guy , but your preference is from 5? 8 ??
I like short girls , you arent very short _
About your photographies I like your last photo , that one in the w.war monument place , you there seem more mature
As I ask you photos is cause of that one never decide without watching much photos , because photos never fix exactly person , I would need watch some photos more _ as much photos I see then I tell about

Maybe you would be prettier if you tint in blonde your hair , I dont know , maybe in blonde you are better _or lighter colour_
And maybe your eyebrows arent very nice but you could arrange it too , so your aspect could arrange better
thats ny ideas about your aspect , apparience , anyways at the moment your aspect is ok

About my past I never got any girlfriend although I got some interests but I never try to get girlfriend I was waiting _
I d like to find someone young and who fits my conditions , characteristics over all ....
I m tired and I seek someone immediately